Industrial Cleaning Twin Cities Minnesota

Are you searching for a company to provide industrial cleaning services in the Twin Cities area for your commercial, industrial, or institutional enterprise?

Ceiling Pro has over 29 years experience in industrial and commercial cleaning, we offer a full range of cleaning services.

From office cleaning to specialized factory and industrial cleaning we can help your business run efficiently. Some of our services include factory and equipment cleaning, ceiling cleaning, commercial kitchen cleaning, wall and floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, and much more. Over the years we have developed many proprietary cleaning products that provide great results in difficult cleaning situations.

We also provide office cleaning services for furnishings including dividers, chairs, and panels.

Our customers include bars, restaurants, bowling alleys, gas stations, movie theaters, bus/train stations, airports, car dealerships, hotels, universities, shopping malls, super markets, medical facilities, office buildings, manufacturing/food plants, stadiums, contractors, retail stores and many more.

Industrial Cleaning Services

  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Commercial Ceiling Cleaning
  • Factory Cleaning
  • Equipment Cleaning
  • Kitchen/Cafeteria/Dining area clean ups
  • Walls-Vinyl Wall Covering, Tile, Wood and Brick
  • Complete Floor Care Scrubbing, Stripping, Sealing and Waxing
  • Clean Furnishings-Dividers, Panels, Chairs, ect.
  • Carpet Cleaning: Light Lenses
  • Power Washing

Call today to schedule a Free Estimate on Commercial or Industrial Cleaning Services in the Twin Cities

Call Ceiling Pro today and schedule a free estimate for commercial or industrial cleaning services. We have decades of experience and offer a full range of cleaning services for operations of any size. We currently service thousands of corporations, institutions, government agencies, restaurants, medical facilities, and retail establishments.

If your business is large or small we have industrial cleaning services to satisfy your cleaning needs. For excellent service and results in commercial and industrial cleaning services in the Twin Cities call Ceiling Pro today.

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Commercial Ceiling Cleaning Twin Cities Minnesota