Industrial Painting Minnesota

Are you looking for an industrial painting company with decades of experience in the industry?

Over the past 30 years, we have evolved into the Midwest’s top full-service specialty cleaning and special surface restoration company. We provide expert industrial painting of all surfaces including ceilings, walls, and machinery. Our painting services include interior and exterior industrial painting.

We work on all types of surfaces including acoustic, popcorn, open metal beam, vinyl, FRP, PVC, metal, alucobond, stucco, glass, cement/concrete, stone, brick, wood, painted plaster, painted sheetrock, teflon, ceramic, and bagged insulation.

Thousands of businesses of all types including industrial facilities such as warehousing, manufacturing and assembly plants, maintenance and machine shops, food processing and pharmaceutical facilities depend on Ceiling Pro to restore the appearance and functionality of their facilities.

Industrial Painting Services

  • Industrial Painting
  • Commercial Painting
  • Interior & Exterior Industrial Painting
  • Ceiling and Wall Painting Services
  • Machinery Painting
  • Equipment Painting
  • Maintenance Painting
  • Pipe Painting
  • Factory Painting
  • Retail Space Painting
  • Warehouse Painting

Call to Schedule a Free Estimate for Industrial Painting Services in Minnesota

If your Minnesota facility requires industrial painting call Ceiling Pro today to schedule an appointment. Our services include interior and exterior painting, we paint walls, ceilings, and machinery as well. We offer industrial painting services for retail space, industrial facilities, restaurants, and more. Our current clients include factories, government agencies, corporations, medical facilities, restaurants, retail establishments, and institutions.

We have decades of experience with industrial painting services and we will work with your scheduling requirements to minimally impact your business. If you are located in Minnesota, call Ceiling Pro for quality industrial painting services.