Commercial Ceiling Cleaning Testimonial from Jones Harrison Residence

Commercial Ceiling Cleaning Testimonial From Jones Harrison Residence

Description of services provided: Ceiling Cleaning.

Customer Testimonial: "As the director of a 175,000 square foot, long term care and assisted living campus, I have utilized many different services over the years. Obviously, there are considerable differences in the quality of service or value that each vendor can offer. We have used Ceiling Pro for the last eight years. We try to maintain our ceilings but is just impossible, between staffing shortages, things getting on them that shouldn’t and all the other obstacles that are in the way. Ceiling Pro is our opportunity to catch up and to have the ceilings look like new again. They have always been here on time, have always done the work as promised and have always showed considerable interest in the customer’s level of satisfaction. They always have given us a reminder before the scheduled service and I have always gotten a call the following morning from the account specialist to make certain the results were at least what we expected. Additionally, we always get a follow up “thank you” card, again reinforcing their commitment to the customer. In this day and age, a company with this kind of work ethic and level of professionalism is increasingly more difficult to find. I’ve yet to hear an excuse from them about anything because everything has always been done right the first time."

~ Ronald L Carson - Jones Harrison Residence, Minneapolis, Minnesota

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