• Industrial Facilities, Manufacturing, Factory Cleaning, and Equipment Cleaning: Interior & Exterior.
  • Complete Ceiling Restoration: Acoustical Cleaning & Recoating, Vinyl surfaced, Cloth Covered, Opean Beam and Grid Cover.
  • Construction Final Cleans
  • Kitchen/Cafeteria/Dining area clean ups
  • Walls-Vinyl Wall Covering, Tile, Wood and Brick
  • Complete Floor Care Scrubbing, Stripping, Sealing and Waxing
  • Clean Furnishings-Dividers, Panels, Chairs, ect.
  • Carpet Cleaning: Light Lenses
  • Replace broken: Ceiling Tile High Lenses Return air vents
  • Service and Safety
  • Free estimates/test cleans
  • Competitive pricing
  • References and Scheduling
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed

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