We use the appropriate mixture of our 19 proprietary solutions to tackle the specific problems we encounter at each site. The mixture reacts with the dirty ceiling/wall/surface and removes the soiling. This occurs without damaging the surfaces.

No Business Disruptions for Customers

  • We Are there When You Want Us There
  • We Work Around Your Schedule
  • We Are There For You

No lasting odors

  • Dries Quickly
  • Saves Time / Money is Affordable

No Damage To The Surface

  • Our Solutions Are Ecofriendly
  • Less Clutter Debris (Compared to Replacement)
  • Free Estimates / Test Area Cleaned

Fast and Effective

  • Less Expensive Than Replacing
  • Cleans The Whole Ceiling
  • Work Done After Hours
  • Increases Employee Productivity

No Mess

  • We Protect and Cover Surfaces to Ensure Clean and Fast Site Exits

Noticeable Brightening of Your Facilities

  • Upgrades Your Work Environment
  • Prolongs the Life of Your Ceiling
  • Enhances Your Company’s Reputation
  • Positive Impression on Your Customers

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